About Us

Fibrotex develops and manufactures cutting-edge tailor-made Signature Management Systems for Armies and Special Forces around the world since 1965. Our multi-spectral products have proven superior concealment capabilities in different battlefields and terrains. Fibrotex products are highly customizable, protecting users from all known detection sensors, in any type of environment. Our lightweight, 2D and reversible systems prevents UV, VISUAL, NEAR-IR, SWIR, THERMAL, and RADAR detection.

As an Israeli company, Fibrotex utilizes the vast field experience of former combat unit and special forces soldiers together with chemistry & physics engineers that have graduated from top universities to gain that competitive edge over other companies.

Our Golden Camouflage Triangle approach (GCT) addresses each and every element of the mission from individual to platform whether static or mobile.

Our customer-oriented is based on our belief in a long-term relationship with our customers, in order to understand their survivability needs and provide them with a customized solution.

Fibrotex' vertical production center

Fibrotex’ Vertical manufacturing production center, located in Israel is a state-of-the-art facility that combines decades of operational experience, technologies, knowledge and manufacturing abilities. we are the only camouflage company that covers the entire process from the single yarn and pigment to the final product, providing the most advanced camouflage solution in the world.


FIBROTEX manages an ongoing in-house design process that keeps on developing camouflage technology in ever changing environments for the search of better products.
Fibrotex product development is based on conclusions drawn from an in-depth study of recent conflicts, combining knowledge from field experience together with expertise in the area of unique compounds, ergonomic engineering and camouflage materials.
This has been proven critical during intense operations in extreme weather conditions.

Fibrotex - Unseen. unbeaten.

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