Fibrotex develops and manufactures innovative Signature Management Systems for Armies and Special Forces around the world for more than 50 years.
Our constant persue for excellence leads us to perfection as we deliver better solutions for the modern battlefield. Fibrotex brings high quality, tailor made products that suit versatile environments and requirements for our customers, providing the reliability you can depend on.

"by way of deception, thou shalt conduct war..."
Proverbs 24:6


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Core Values




Tailor made




Our Mission

As an israeli company, Fibrotex utilizes the vast field experience of former combat unit and special forces soldiers together with chemistry & physics engineers that have graduated from top universities to gain that competitive edge over other companies. Fibrotex strives to give the most crutial solutions in order to achieve the ultimate advantage in the battlefield.

Production Capabilities

FIBROTEX has the great advantage of manufacturing all its applications under one roof, due to the Company's holdings of several technical manufacturing facilities. FIBROTEX operates full in-house and vertical production line, spread out over an 11,000 m² facility capable of producing & intergarating multispectral camouflage systems and advanced personal apparel for security forces & special forces while maintaining the ability to custom make specific requirements for all of our clients.

Wherever you go

we shall find the right solution for you

arctic environment

Desert Environment

Woodland Environment

Urban Environment