FIBROTEX'S TECHNOLOGIES awarded a Contract to Supply Camouflaged Observation Post Systems to a leading Army, Operating Abroad

Fibrotex has been awarded a contract that will contain an order of
hundreds of  Fibrotex’ Multi-Spectral Observation Posts in a 2.8 Million US$ contract.


This contract re-emphasizes the importance given nowadays by the end users and decision makers to equip their forces with complete multi spectral camouflage systems in order to provide protection in the modern battlefield, based on the understanding that in order to fulfill the mission successfully one should be able to operate without being detected.


The OP provides Visual, Near IR and Thermal concealment to the soldiers and allows them to accomplish their mission while having the ability to observe, track, and shoot without jeopardizing it.
Combining the above capabilities with Fibrotex unique two-sided capability, significantly increases the soldiers survivability in all relevant terrains.


About Fibrotex Technologies:
Fibrotex Technologies is a worldwide leader in the Camouflage, Concealment and Deception domain.
Fibrotex Technologies develops and manufactures Signature Management Systems (SMS) for Armies and Special Forces around the globe for more than 40 years.


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