Mobile camouflage system

Mobile Signature Management System, enhancing the survivability of the platform & crew

Fibrotex has developed and deployed mobile camouflage systems to a variety of customers and platforms, including Main Battle Tanks (Leopard II, Merkava Mark IV), APCs (Stryker, CV90) and other various vehicles (Land-Rover Wolf, SandCat, Toyota Hilux). These MCS are tailored made for each platform, and are designed to reduce the platform’s multispectral signature while the vehicle is fully operational, in any terrain.

Major Benefits




Near IR




Water Repellant

Fire Retardant

Mobile camouflage system explainer Video

Mobile camouflage system Thermal Video

Mobile camouflage system in operational use

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Unmatched quality and battlefield-proven technology are the foundations of Fibrotex. Our personal camouflage equipment offers multispectral concealment for you and your team, contributing to the life-saving protection you deserve

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