Unseen, Unbeaten! 
The NightWalker will make you Invisible not only to the naked eye. 
With full thermal protection capabilities, 
stealth becomes just a walk in the park

Design Specs

  • Static & dynamic thermal concealment
  • Complete thermal range: 2500-12000nm (MWIR & LWIR)
  • Ultra-light: 550 gr. Including bag
  • Packs in a 15X15X20 cm size compression bag
  • Operational in all environments
  • Ergonomic design, allowing full maneuverability
  • Breathable for high-intensity activities
  • Various visual camouflage solutions

Optional add-ons

  • Weapon cover
  • Weapon strap cover
  • Boots gaiters
  • Gear cover

Color Options

  • On demand by MOQ

Nightwalker Video

Check out the Nightwalker in action 
(Double click Video for Full Screen mode)