Noa Lite

cutting edge personal modular camouflage system

Both an individual and multi-operator solution, when static or in motion, the Noa lite is a cutting edge, reversible multi-purpose, multi-spectral system, fully protective of the operator and their equipment. Typically used as a coverall poncho while on the move, the Noa lite can also be quickly interconnected to become a larger observation post system as needed.

Major Benefits




Near IR



Compacted Size


Fire Retardant

Water Repellant

Lightweight & modular

The Noa lite is very effective in terms of reducing the overall size and weight of equipment, improving multispectral signature management, and increasing mission effectiveness with respect to survivability at the infantry rifle platoon and squad scale. The Noa lite is next generation in signature management system designed to prevent detection of assets of all kinds from various sensor detection.
The Noa lite is a 2-D reversible net designed for individual use. In one corner, there is an adjustable cord with cord lock to create a head-sized pocket for draping the system over the user’s back while on the move. This cord and cord lock double as a way to secure the net in the head space as the carrying case. On each edge there are holes and a quick connect system so that nets can be interconnected indefinitely to create a coherent system as large as needed.

Design Specs

  • Weighing less than 700 grams
  • measuring approximately 1.5 liters when packed.
  • 200×200 cm when open.
  • Interconnecting possibilities.
  • Operational in all environments
  • Ergonomic design, allowing full maneuverability
  • Breathable for high-intensity activities

Noa explainer Video

noa Lite in operational use

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