ULCANS Increment I is a 2D reversible, all-weather, multi-spectral, modular camouflage system that provides visual, near IR, shortwave IR, thermal, and radar signature concealment for stationary vehicles, weapons systems, tactical operation centers, personnel, and other tactical equipment.

ULCANS Increment I is designed for rapid deployment and recovery and is operator repairable and maintainable.


ULCANS Increment I has two system types: Type I, General Purpose (R/S), and Type II, Communications (R/T).

Type I, General Purpose (R/S)

Type I (camouflage edge band) is radar scattering and used for concealing non-radar ground equipment and tactical systems.

ED Type I ID Tag

Type II, Communications (R/T)

Type II (solid color edge band) is radar transparent and used for concealing ground radar equipment.

ED Type II ID Tag


ULCANS Increment I reduces visual detection by providing environment-specific color patterns. Each screen is reversible and printed with two different camouflage patterns. System class specifies the color combination.

There are three ULCANS Increment I classes. Please see the table below, which specify the screen color combination: Class 1 (Light/Dark Woodland), Class 2 (Desert/Urban), and Class 3 (Snow/Alpine).

Class Type Pattern NSN
Class 1 Type I Light/Dark Woodland 1080-01-677-6912
Class 1 Type II Light/Dark Woodland 1080-01-677-6918
Class 2 Type I Desert/Urban 1080-01-682-4997
Class 2 Type II Desert/Urban 1080-01-682-5467
Class 3 Type I Snow/Alpine 1080-01-682-5481
Class 3 Type II Snow/Alpine 1080-01-682-5498


A modular camouflage screen system consists of the following:

  • 1 ea. Hexagon screen
  • 1 ea. Rhombic screen
  • 1 ea. Screen carrying case
  • 1 ea. Repair kit
  • 1 ea. Technical manual
  • 1 ea. Graphic training aid

An identification tag on the carrying case identifies the type and class of the screen systems. The case color corresponds to the system class: Class 1, Woodland (green); Class 2, Desert/Urban (tan); Class 3, Snow/Alpine (gray).

Screen System


Each screen has a quick connection system on the outer edges used to connect multiple screens together. Identification tags (2) inform whether the screen is Type I, General Purpose (R/S), or Type II, Communications (R/T). A camouflage edge band (1) indicates a Type I system and a solid color edge band (1) indicates Type II.





A repair kit is furnished to make field repairs of the ULCANS Increment I screens and return the system to a serviceable condition. The repair material in the kit is the same color class as the screen system. The repair kit is stored in a pocket inside the screen system bag.

A repair kit includes the following:

  • Repair kit bag
  • 300 ea. Cable ties
  • 25 ft² Screen repair material (same color as system class)


The support system includes components that create space between the camouflage screen and equipment being concealed in order to break up the visible outline of the equipment.

The support system includes the following:

  • 20 ea. Tent pins (1)
  • 5 ea. 13.77 ft (4.2 m) Telescopic support poles (2)
  • 1 ea. Support system carrying bag (3)
  • 1 ea. Spanner wrench (4)
  • 1 ea. Tent pin carry case (5)
  • 1 ea. Hammer (6)
Support Sys



Telescopic support poles have an integral shape disruptor (2) that breaks up the geometric screen shapes to improve concealment. They are adjusted using integral clamps (1).

Poles are 5.4 ft (1.6 m) when collapsed and 13.77 ft (4.2 m) when extended.