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The following are general safety precautions and instructions that people must understand and apply during phases of operation of the Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net Systems (ULCANS) Increment I. Proper adherence to these instructions will ensure personal safety and the protection of property.


Burn warning


Personnel are subject to being burned by hot components and exhausts if deployment of the ULCANS Increment I is attempted with the equipment’s engine running or immediately after the engine is turned off. A cool down period shall be observed prior to Increment I deployment except in emergency conditions; then wear hand protection and exercise extreme caution when working in area of hot components.

Combustion warning


Combustion by-products of ULCANS Increment I can be toxic. Evacuate the area and stay out of the path of smoke if ULCANS Increment I systems are exposed to fire. Self-contained breathing apparatus is required when fighting ULCANS Increment I fire.

Eye Protection warning


Particles of dirt and debris carried by netting/garnish can be scraped off and fall into the operator’s eyes when looking upward during setup and takedown of ULCANS Increment I. Eye protection is required during setup and takedown operations of ULCANS Increment I.

Fire warning


Volatile fuels and vehicle exhaust can create a fire hazard and can cause explosions. These hazards are always present but most prevalent during hot weather. When volatile fuels or vehicle exhaust are present under ULCANS Increment I, steps will be undertaken to insure adequate ventilation of the camouflaged area.

Lift warning


To prevent personal injury, a minimum of a two-person lift is required for both the ULCANS Increment I screen system and the support system storage/transport containers. Components may increase in weight due to trapped or absorbed water. Use additional personnel as needed.

Trip warning


ULCANS Increment I tent pins may present a trip hazard. Drive tent pins deeply to minimize area protruding above ground. Select an area without tent pins for entry/egress through the screen.

Climbing on and around the equipment to deploy ULCANS Increment I can pose a fall hazard. Extreme caution shall be observed to avoid slippery or uneven surfaces and other trip hazards. Use handhold when provided and ladders when available.